Our proven methods guide teaching and learning

Our intensive training programs focus on two of the most difficult skills to teach: expository writing and language organization.

Our most widely sought training programs are in EmPOWER, a method for teaching expository writing, and Brain Frames, blueprints for organizing language. Click below to earn more about these methods:

EmPOWER Brain Frames©

The following training options are available for educators
looking to put effective, research-based methods
into action within their classroom:

EmPOWER: A method for teaching expository writing

This training is for general education and special education teachers in grades 2-12 who share responsibility for teaching students to write and want to guide their students through the writing process in a more structured way.

Training for Schools and School Districts: 

In a three-day intensive training, teachers acquire a common language and framework for teaching the writing process. Direct instruction in each step and component strategy of EmPOWER is provided and followed by hands-on, collaborative activities that allow teachers to practice new concepts with the guidance and support of a trainer. Teachers leave this training ready to use EmPOWER with their students.

Research clearly shows that effective professional learning is sustained, intensive, on-going, connected to instructional practice, and relevant to teachers’ instructional goals. Recognizing this research, school-based training in EmPOWER includes at least five additional training/consultation sessions to support teachers with implementing EmPOWER effectively.

Through additional workshops, classroom observations, model lessons, and teacher mentoring, we refine instructional practices with writing and support teachers with using EmPOWER to meet their instructional goals and objectives.

If you are interested in learning EmPOWER or bringing it to your school or district, contact us.  


“Before, I felt my writing curriculum was made up of unconnected lesson plans, and I had to pull strategies from many different resources. All of my lessons are connected now, and I can still bring in other material that I feel is worthwhile. As an ELA teacher, it was always easy for me to work on reading skills. Now I feel I have so much I can do with writing that I want to spend more time with my students in that area.” – Grade 7 English Language Arts Teacher


Brain Frames: Visual tools that organize language

Whether you’re an individual educator or school leader with a vision, we have a training option for you.

Core Training: Online (COMING IN FEBRUARY 2021!)

The online Brain Frames course is for K-12 educators and speech-language pathologists who don’t want to leave their classrooms or students to level up their teaching.  In just 30 days, they can learn all six Brain Frames after school hours and wherever they are with their computer, adding proven strategies to their instructional practice that support listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Graduates of our Brain Frames course are eligible to deepen their knowledge and expertise with Brain Frames by attending our Online Master Classes and joining our virtual Brain Frames Alumni group.

If you are an individual educator or school administrator looking for professional development for less than 25 staff, this is the right training for you.  To be notified about the next online course, sign up here.

Private Training:  Online or Onsite

Private Training is for schools with 25 or more staff who want to bring Brain Frames to their whole community.  We offer virtual or onsite training options that are customized to address the primary concerns of the school.  Whether it’s listening, speaking, reading comprehension, writing, note taking, test taking, studying, or a particular content area, we will craft instructional routines that support your teachers and students.

If you are a school administrator in need of professional development for more than 25 staff, contact us.  In partnership with you, we will craft the perfect training option for you.

“I use Brain Frames for EVERYTHING: to teach new concepts, assess my students’ knowledge, guide their reading comprehension, support them with organization in writing, manage their behavior, promote self-awareness, and help them problem solve. Now that I know them, I can’t teach without them.” – Grade 7 Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about EmPOWER can be found here.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Brain Frames can be found here.

The Brain Frames work… you can visually see what the heck is going on. They are so much better than sticky notes, and they keep my headaches away too. They slow me down enough to really see and understand what I’m doing, what my goal is, and where I have left off for the next day. You made a difference in this Marine…you really did. –Letter from a U.S. Marine who learned Brain Frames in his rehabilitation sessions at Fort Belvair Community Hospital

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