Teacher’s Lounge

Teacher’s Lounge

It’s an online meeting in Zoom for K-12 educators and speech-language pathologists who have been launched into the world of online teaching and telepractice.

What’s it for?

A place to go where you can meet others who are in the same (virtual) boat you are, paddling as hard as they can on behalf of their students.  It’s a place to:

  • Connect with each other
  • Have a casual conversation
  • Get tips and share ideas
  • Take a break and recharge so you can leave better able to deal and make sense of the muddle you suddenly find yourself in

How it works:

  • Each time we open the Lounge, we’ll share a teaching tip or resource with you that’s related to online teaching or telepractice.  Then we’ll open it up for whatever you feel like talking about.
  • Though we do teach something each time, there’s not always a formal presentation or “class.” It’s a real-time conversation where we can all be generous with one another over a cup of coffee or tea (or whatever you feel like drinking at that time of the day).
  • Just log in when it works for you, and stay for as long as you like.

The schedule:  We update our topics each time we meet, so check back here or one of our social media pages for updates.

  • Tues. August 4, 4:30-5:30 (Eastern time).  Regrouping for a new school year
  • Tues. September 1, 4:30-5:30 (Eastern time).  Supporting disorganized students: A long game of whack-a-mole

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Architects For Learning has been helping educators and SLPs for over 30 years make the invisible visible and teach what’s hard.  We hope this space gives you the support you need to step up to the new challenges you’re facing.  If we keep leaning on each other, we’ll all make it through.

“Bonnie and Jess and the other “guest” speakers have been wonderful.  The information is invaluable and the camaraderie amongst the attendees creates a safe learning environment where everyone can ask questions and share answers.  The lounge is my favorite part of the week…seeing other professionals and building my skills.  You have been extraordinarily generous and I am so happy to see you and Jess each week. Thank you.  Thank you.”

“Bonnie and Jess and the other professionals have been a gift as we adapt to teletherapy. The knowledge, patience and time that they’ve given and continue to share with so many of us navigating these new waters cannot be measured. Thank you is insufficient.”