Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my child need to come?

In the school year, most students come for one 60-minute individual session per week. Some students opt to come more than once per week or come for longer sessions. Decisions about frequency and intensity of services are made collaboratively in your initial consultation.  These are based on the needs of your child and your goals for growth.

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Do you provide services outside your office?

We are available to see students at their schools during the school day, provided that you communicate with school staff and they agree to provide an appropriate space in the building where we can meet with your child each week.  Fees for off-site services are slightly different in order to cover travel expenses.  We do not work with students in their homes.

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Do you provide web-based services?

When appropriate, we do work with students through a secure web-based platform that provides an audio and visual connection as well as a “shared” white board space.  E-sessions are ideal for students who live too far away to get to our office each week.  We can help determine whether this format is a good option for your child.

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How do you determine which specialist works with my child?

In your initial consultation, we identify your concerns and goals for your child as well as the nature of his or her current learning needs. Based on this information, we determine which member of our staff can most effectively work with your child to address those needs. Much thought goes into making the right match; decisions are based on personality, temperament, experience, expertise, and training. In some instances, we may feel strongly that a specific person on our staff be matched with your child; in other instances, we may feel that any of several staff members would be equally well suited. These decisions, of course, affect how quickly we are able to begin working with your child.

All of our specialists are trained in EmPOWER and Brain Frames as well as a variety of research-based methods for facilitating literacy, language, and learning.

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Do your specialists assign homework?

Typically, we do not add to your child’s regular homework load, but we may ask students to follow through with using a strategy or process that was introduced during a session when they get home.

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How long will it take for my child to improve?

The speed with which skills progress and the amount of instruction each student needs vary according to learning profile and learning style. Each semester, your child’s specialist will collaborate with you to provide a formal review of goals, progress, strengths, and challenges, and recommendations will be offered.

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Do you take insurance?

We are primarily an academic organization and are not affiliated with any insurance companies.   We do not bill insurance companies directly for our services. Some insurance companies will reimburse for services provided by a licensed speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist.  A documented medical diagnosis must support the need for the services we provide and align with our treatment goals. In the event that your child’s care is covered by insurance and you wish to be reimbursed for your expense, you will be held responsible for payment, and we will be happy to provide you with receipts that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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“Thank you for spending all that time with me the other day. I’m so grateful for all that you are doing for Jeannette, and she definitely appreciates it as well. You are validating her strengths and building her confidence as you strengthen her weaknesses. Thank you, thank you!” – Mother of a 6th grader