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Keys to an effective independent evaluation

Written by: Bonnie Singer, Ph.D.
July 31st, 2015  |  Categories:

gavelThis post by Bill Crane, Esq., hearing officer for the MA Bureau of Special Education Appeals from 1999-2014, is an excellent overview of what hearing officers look for and value in independent education evaluations: Attorney Crane details what makes an independent evaluator’s assessment and testimony credible and persuasive.

Architects For Learning provides speech-language and educational evaluations for parents who are seeking an independent appraisal of their child’s communication and learning. In addition to providing comprehensive evaluations, we routinely observe educational programs and attend IEP meetings to help guide students’ educational programming. If necessary, our specialists will testify at BSEA mediations or hearings.

We place an equally high value on working in partnership with schools, to understand and maximize how students perform during the school day, and with parents, to advocate for their children’s educational needs.