We give teachers effective tools, sound instructional routines,
and practical methods

Our workshops are customized from start to finish to meet the needs of educators, schools, districts, or organizations. Workshops may be:

  • Half-day, full-day, or multi-day
  • Face-to-face, online, or hybrid learning experiences
  • Online interactive professional learning communities

When it comes to language, literacy, and learning, we create what educators need to refine their teaching. Educators leave with methods that can be put to use right away with all students to promote success in the classroom.

Custom workshops we have developed in the past include topics as diverse as:


  • Pre-writing, summarizing, and paraphrasing: Teaching and learning strategies for ALL learners
  • Making sense of expository text structure
  • Developing sentence-level reading comprehension
  • From mind to pen: Why some students struggle with writing


  • Seeing is understanding: Improving listening and reading comprehension
  • GPS: A strategy for navigating text, reading actively, and taking notes
  • Strategies for extracting and constructing new knowledge while reading
  • SLPs’ unique role in supporting reading

Language and learning

  • Language and visual spatial skills work together: See what I mean?
  • The role of self-talk in self-regulated learning
  • Why can’t I understand this kid? A practical framework for teachers
  • Promoting metalinguistics and metacognition in students

Attention, executive functions and memory

  • How do you function when your executive functions aren’t functioning?
  • Supporting students with working memory limitations: Suggestions for teachers
  • Homework management is project management: An instructional routine for homework success
  • The influence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on oral and written language

“This workshop was packed with useful and practical information. I can’t wait to get back to my classroom and use what I learned today.” — Grade 3 Teacher