We bridge the gap for students who did
well in high school but find themselves
challenged by the different demands of college

College Success Program

Too many smart kids make it to college and suddenly find themselves struggling. College puts different demands on students than high school does, and some students need individualized support in honing the skills, strategies, and habits needed for success in college.

Components of our college program are defined in more detail here. Our three-level program allows us to provide just the right amount of instruction and guidance, based on what students need. We fade that gradually as they become more independent and take charge of their college experience.

“I graduated from Bentley last month with my B.S. in Finance and Accounting. Thank you for the work you did with me beginning in elementary school and through high school. I would not have had the opportunity to attend a competitive school like Bentley if I did not have the support of your testing and experience with learning disabilities.” – College graduate