Internationally recognized expert on the intricacies of
language, literacy, and learning

Dr. Bonnie Singer is a speech-language pathologist, teacher, author, researcher, and business owner. A highly sought-after speaker, Dr. Singer provides speeches, lectures, and conference presentations to groups of general and special educators, speech-language pathologists, and school administrators internationally.

Frequent presentation topics include:

  • Language development and language and learning disorders
  • Reading and writing
  • Executive functions, attention, and memory
  • Language, cognition, and spatial processing

Known for her dynamic presentation style, Dr. Singer:

  • Fosters a deeper understanding of language, cognition, and learning and how they interact and influence each other
  • Illuminates the complex systems that guide language, thinking, teaching, and learning
  • Shows how language both supports and limits student performance in the classroom and in life
  • Helps adults shift the way in which they work with children and guide them toward success